Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Destiny's Child....

Thanks Mama Kat for yet another interesting writers workshop. Today's is: Write an open letter to a celebrity. So I cheated a little and didn't write to one celebrity but three instead; the three ladies of Destiny's Child, that is. Enjoy but be warned, I might come across as a little obsessed with them! : )

Dear Destiny's Child,

I have adored you ladies since the very early days of Destiny's Child. I was definitely one of those girls with Destiny's Child posters all over my room. They literally covered the walls of my bedroom. Every Summer back in the states, I would get a new poster to add to my collection. I remember my favorite one of you three was taped right above my bed and it was the last thing I looked at most nights. Ha! I think at one point I actually wanted to be your fourth member. When there was all that drama with she who shall remain nameless, I thought, "Hey, invite me to join! I promise I will be drama-free and work hard!" Yes, I certainly thought Beyoncé, Kelly, Michelle and Leah had a nice ring to it.... : )

Despite being a little too young to understand most of what you ladies sang about, I still loved the music and sang right along to the all of your CDs. I listened to "The Writings on the Wall" so much that I had to throw it away eventually because it was so scratched. I have all the songs on my iPod now but a couple got transferred over scratched. Guess that just proves my love for that album. Then came "Survivor", another pivotal album in my high school life. It definitely has a much more playful feel to it. "Destiny Fullfilled" and "#1's" were two amazing albums as well. I know absolutely every song and every time I hear any of these albums, I am immediately transported back to those glorious days. Of course, who could forget about your wonderful Christmas album, "8 Days of Christmas"? I love this CD and the holidays aren't complete for me until I play this album a few times.

I have memories attached to most every song on your albums. "Bills, Bills, Bills" was your first song that I saw a music video to and I instantly fell in love with your group's combined style and overall sound. "Jumpin' Jumpin" reminds me of every high school dance. "Say My Name" will always be one of my favorite songs of all time. Two of my best friends and I sang it all the time and enjoyed attempting to harmonize along with it. "Happy Face" reminds me of being in the back seat of my car and listening to it on a cassette tape. I almost sang "Emotion" at a talent show with two girls but we chickened out at the last minute because we really didn't practice enough. "Independent Women" was just an incredible song and I got seriously joyful every time I heard it.

So, this brings us up to date with the current state of things: there are no albums in sight and this makes me very sad/angry. I understand that you three have gone off and done your own thing for the past few years. Beyoncé, girl, you know I love what you are doing and I absolutely have a big crush on you but come on, get the group back together! Kelly, you are hard at work in the music biz too and I have kept up with your stuff. Michelle, I'm not into gospel music but I see you doing your thing as well. But ladies, seriously, it's time to write some new songs, get in the studio, and record that material. I am sure there are millions of girls just like me all over the world hoping for the same thing. It's time to come together once again and create your amazing music. I need me some DC love already!!

Yours faithfully,


  1. Visiting from Mama Kats...

    Wow ... you are a fan girl. I really hate to tell you ... I don't think it is going to happen. But a girl can dream, right?

  2. I hope for your sake that they do get back together ;-)

  3. I'm such a big DC fan as well! I adore their music/costumes/performances--everything! When I hear their songs, definitely brings me back to my hs days!!!

  4. Nice letter. I knew you liked DC, but I guess I never realized how much. I seriously doubt that they'll ever get back together, but at least they've got their solo projects. Beyonce is amazing.