Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Flip-Off #4

#1 Flip-Off to my pesky throat which has decided to cause me a bit of annoyance. This seriously cannot happen because I have two big important trips coming up this weekend and next. I understand that perhaps I've been pushing myself a little hard lately but come on, I'm working out daily, eating my fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep... that is, when I'm not in Vegas. : ) I had an Airborne today, an Emergen-C and tons of water so here's hoping that works! Immune System, don't be a jerk!

#2 A big fat Flip-Off to bills. I swear I've written like a check or two everyday this week! Grrrr!

#3 Flip-Off to planning events and then having only two people show up! Ugh! I had what really cannot be called a fundraiser on Wednesday night at "Shakey's". I was so desperate for receipts that I actually went around to other people that I didn't even know at the restaurant and kindly asked them for their receipts. Of course they were more than willing to give me their receipts when I told them that it was for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. I am so heated about this that I'll be writing a full post about commitment phobia people soon so stay tuned for that.

#4 Flip-Off to packing! Why do I feel like I'm always doing it?! I'll unpack any day but its the packing that I really hate! I'm headed to New Mexico on Saturday for only three days and I am totally waiting until the last minute to pack. Does anyone actually enjoy it?

#5 And just because I'm feeling it right now, Flip-Off to these new Invisalign trays that I put in today! Ouch, they are so tight on my teeth and really hurt!

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  1. Grrr... I hate being sick, espeically in the beginning, when you KNOW it's coming. I detest packing. I loathe spending money! And. No shows suck!