Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pin-Ups Going the Distance

Alright, Gina and I made our third Pin-Up youtube video last night. We have been wanting to see "Going the Distance" and thought that it might be fun to talk about long distance relationships since that's what the movie is about. Then we thought it would be even better if we also asked people around the theater what one piece of advice did they have for making a long distance relationship work.

Please take a moment and check out our
video- we are especially proud of this one and it's definitely my favorite so far!


  1. Leah! I've discovered your blog! Ha ha ha. I never even knew you had you can see I am not really an IT person. But now I'll follow your life as you live it :D
    BTW, I wanted to be in Music Industry as well, so I am going to live my dreams vicariously through you... :D

  2. BTW, its SENG google account is setup as larlar...I forget why :D

  3. I am impressed with these videos! They look very polished and well produced, and they are so fun! Also Leah you are incredibly photogenic on video, and I love all the crazy hair styles - are those wigs??

  4. I liked this one a lot. Good job and good advice. Going the distance is hard work. Been there, done that more that once. Ugh!