Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Flip-Off #3

Well, it's Friday once again and here we are with my delightful "Friday Flip-Offs"! Thank you to my sister over at Letters for Lucas for introducing me to this helpful posting idea and she learned about it through Kludgy Mom.

#1 This is going to sound awful to those of you that have been waking up early all year round, but I just started waking up early again for a nannying job and it is REALLY HARD! It's not like I've been sleeping in but those extra two hours or even 1 hour make a huge difference to me. I am one of those people that need like 8 or more hours of sleep to function normally so this is tough to come by now. So, I guess I would like to Flip-Off getting up early again. While I'm on the subject, I'd also like to Flip-Off my bladder! Why oh why must I get up to go to the bathroom about an hour before my alarm goes off! Ugh! It's really annoying!!

#2 Flip-Off this early cold weather! Why is it already so chilly in the mornings now?! It's only the first week of September! Take it easy Fall! Of course you guys on the East Coast are laughing but it's all relative, right?

#3 Flip-Off to the short time with my nephew which always seems to whiz by! It's seriously never enough time together! Grrr! I can't wait till you get a little older and I can kidnap you away for full weekend visits! : )

#4 It's currently very fresh in my mind so I'd like to Flip-Off people I care about moving super far away. : (

#5 Flip-Off laundry! Just when I think I got it all covered and I won't have to wash any clothes for a weeks, my hamper is completely full yet again. Ugh! I need to stop...ummm, wearing clothes... Don't think so... haha

#6 In honor of my AIDS Half-Marathon this Sunday, I would like to shout a big Flip-Off to AIDS! May we find a cure soon and end all the suffering this awful disease causes!


  1. Someone got a redesign... ah, can you say copy cat?! Just kidding... it's cute.

    Great flip off list, especially waking up early. Wait until you have a kid of your own and aren't just babysitting one. It's like having a built in alarm. :(

  2. I personally feel it is unnatural to be awake and alert before 8 AM. I don't know how I have held down a job all these years!