Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Three #1

One of the best things about discovering new blogs is all the awesome daily posting ideas you get. Because lets face it, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to blog.

Well, today, I learned about "Tuesday Three", this is where you share three things that you did over the weekend that you really enjoyed. Thanks to
Turmoil and Juliette for introducing me to it and thanks to Stilettos and a fishing pole for creating it.

Ok, here goes my Tuesday Three:

#1 Of course, I have to mention running the Disneyland Half-Marathon on Sunday as the biggest and best thing I did this weekend! It sort of blows everything else out of the water.

#2 Seeing "Eat, Pray Love" with my two roommates, Gina and Swati, on Monday evening was a lot of fun. The three of us hardly ever hang out altogether so it was definitely a rare occasion. We all have such crazy and different schedules that we really get excited when we can do something together. Here's to hanging out much more often ladies!

#3 So because of all the training I've been doing for my half-marathon, I haven't been drinking much lately. Well, on Monday before seeing the movie, my roommate Swati and I enjoyed a delicious bottle of champagne that I've been saving since March. It was amazing and it really felt celebratory! Yum, I love champagne!


  1. it was such fun! so glad we got to hang....

  2. I love this meme and might have to participate...

    Glad you enjoyed EPL. I loved it and thought you might, too. I forget, did you read the book?