Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

9 years ago today, 2,974 people were killed in the terrorists attacks at the World Trade Center, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon. America was changed forever on this day.

Like most people I can't forget recalling where I was when I heard about this heartbreaking news. I thought I had an interesting take on the day so I sent my story, "How September 11th Changed Me" to a fellow blogger, Troy over at his website. Please check out his blog for my story. I am incredibly thankful that he added my post to his renown military blog


  1. While you blog is beautiful and well meaning i must offer respectfully my complete disagreement with your view Re:
    "Little did we know that Muslims all over the U.S. at that very moment were being persecuted and eventually blamed for the terrorist acts of 9/11."
    This is a nonsense of the highest order. If you do your home work you will find that this is not true for a vast majority of Americans.

  2. Tom, I really appreciate your honest comment. Of course I did not mean that the majority of Americans back in the states were blaming Muslims for the terrorists attacks of 9/11, I just meant that there were certainly were SOME Americans. I am so sorry if you felt like I was generalizing way too much.

  3. I posted this comment on your guest post, but just in case, here it is:

    Nice post, Leah. I, too became a lot more patriotic after 9/11. It was hard those first few days and weeks being so far away from family, especially family that was living in a foreign country. The largest, strongest country in the world had just been brutally attacked and if that could happen, anything was possible! No one knew what could happen next.