Friday, December 3, 2010

Fill in The Blank Friday- Holiday Edition

So, I'm not in the Holiday mood at all yet so I thought this might help.

The Holiday spirit is very slowly creeping up on me. Today, in fact, I listened to one entire Christmas song in the car on the way to the gym. The month of December really just got here too soon and I'm not ready for it at all. I plan on doing a little Christmas shopping tomorrow. Wish me luck braving the mall! To me the Holiday spirit is really about giving and appreciating those people around you that you care about most.

The holidays are incomplete without my family and friends. Of course there's also yummy food, the incredible Christmas music, the colder weather, the bright lights, the fun decorations, tall Christmas trees, and the colors red and green everywhere.

3. My favorite things to do around the holidays is finding the perfect gifts for everyone. There really is nothing like knowing you hit it on the nail. I love knowing that the person is going to be so delighted with whatever you picked out. I also really enjoy baking around this time of year.

A holiday tradition my family and I have is going to a movie on Christmas Day or the day after. My parents, my sister and I loved going after the food in our bellies settled on Christmas night. Now, my sister and I continue this tradition on our own. We look forward to picking out "the Christmas movie" every year. It's our time to just be alone and be sisters. Not sure what this years movie will be yet. Got any suggestions?

Holiday music is wonderful. I love it all. However, I can't handle it too soon. I'm usually only good for about two weeks of it. So, yep, I still won't succumb to those all day Christmas radio stations quite yet. A couple of my favorites are "Last Christmas" by George Michael, 'Wonderful Christmastime" by Paul McCartney, anything off of Natalie Cole's Christmas album, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Vanessa Williams and so much more.

6. This year, I'll be spending the holidays in the bay area with my sister's family and her sweet in-laws. It's always been very nice and drama-free. Since my parents passed away, Christmas will never be the same for me but I am blessed to still have loved ones to spend the holidays with.

Holiday wish list: Can I put my dream music job on this list? That, the 10th season of 90210 and another small bottle of Nina Ricci perfume will do just fine. : ) What's on your list this year?


  1. This is a great fill in the blanks :) My wish list would be a new mini notebook, a bottle of Ghost perfume and a Keith Haring book... OH and of course money! Think im asking for abit too much :/ I'm just happy being fed and watered :) x

  2. I agree. The BEST is finding that perfect gift! You get to sit there with to much anticipation knowing the person will love it so much!!

    That's a really sweet tradition that you and your sister have! I love that you have carried it on.

    I'm so excited about my upcoming blog award!!! I'll be anxiously awaiting...


  3. December did get here awfully fast didn't it? I can't believe this year is almost over already.
    On my Christmas list....a DSLR...will I get it? NOPE...but I'm asking Santa anyway!

  4. My sisters and I do a secret santa-esque gift exchange, except it's not secret, and now we all have significant others, so it's gotten a bit out of control! It's an easy way to keep the cost of Christmas down, and spend more time focusing on what ONE person would like, rather than 7! I was going to ask for practical things, but since Molly drew my name (my make-up artist sister), I decided to make it a very girlie christmas and ask for things that I wouldn't buy myself--and I'm so excited about it! Fancy shampoo and conditioner, makeup, makeup brushes, and all that fun stuff that I rarely spend money on because I can never quite justify it to myself. I'm stoked to open my gift on Christmas!

    Love you :)

  5. Did filling in the [holiday] blanks help? Thanks for the gift ideas, BTW. :)