Thursday, December 9, 2010

Circle of Friends..errr Life

This week's Mama Kat's Writing Assignment is write a post inspired by one of the words given. I chose the words 'bold' and 'angsty'.

Ok, so why do certain people come into our lives, and then poof, just like that, they are gone?!

I have this belief that every person that we meet in our lives usually fills some kind of role in the bigger picture of our lives. Finding that role can be tricky and sometimes downright impossible. It's nice thinking that every person is helping us along our journey through life. We are all helping each other. Right? I certainly want to believe that I can be instrumental in someone's life somehow. Don't we all want to be useful? Perhaps 'useful' isn't the right word. I hope you understand what I mean... This is turning out to be a very difficult post to write.

I met someone early last week and today, about a week later, they are entirely out of my life. I think it's kind of sad. I mean, what purpose did he fill in my life? Nothing at all? I don't know... I've been trying to figure out what having him in my life for a brief 8 days taught me...

Is it simply the circle of friends or rather the circle of life?

Yesterday in the same 2 minutes, this same person de-friended me on Facebook and a new person friended me. So if it was such a short lived friendship, why on earth am I slightly pissed that this person de-friended me? Honestly, I think it's such a bold and angsty move for anyone to make on Facebook. There is no hiding de-friending someone. It's obvious and apparent how you feel about that person.

Remember my previous post Confessions? I have this strange need for everyone to like me. It's really hard for me to accept when I know that someone doesn't like me. I want to know why and what I can do to make it better immediately. That's why this bold de-friending move really hit me so hard. Why go so far as to de-friend me? Do you really not want to see my status updates, picture uploads and just my general activity on Facebook anymore? Ugh.....Whatever. I know that I just need to forget about it and move on. I have enough incredible people in life that want to be my Facebook friend! So there!


  1. I know what you mean. I am hurt if I know that someone may not like me and especially because I know I'm a really nice person and show kindness to everyone. Facebook can be annoying sometimes. I've had friends who have been unfriended and they've felt hurt too. You're not alone. If you only new this person for 8 days, you didn't lose much!!!

    Stopping by via Mama Kat's!

  2. That's why, when I'm angry or annoyed at someone on facebook, I just hide their feed rather than defriend them. So much less brutal.

  3. i am like you...I am a firm believer that every person that is placed in our lives is put there for a reason. Whether they are to teach us something, make us laugh, be a comfort in a time of need or just a new lifelong friend...each relationship seves a purpose. I always love to know the meanings of things and the reasons for why things happen...but I have learned if you just wait it out you will eventually have an answer.

    I also tend to be a people pleaser if I upset someone or someone does not like me..I want to know why so I can fix it!!!

    Finally, lets be real about it defrieding someone on facebook (unless you legit have not seen / spoken to them in years and will never again) is just plain childish. I can understand your angst there.

  4. I always want people to like me too. I don't even know how to check if I've been de-friended! How do you find that out?

  5. How weird. That person has some serious issues!

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  7. Maybe it was unintentional? Weird and annoying, never the less. I have never un-friended someone on Facebook. I think it's a stupid practice and BEYOND passive aggressive.

  8. That's the thing about Facebook. You can not talk to someone for years and never see them but when you de-friend someone it feels as wrong, as though you've done something to hurt them. I've de-friended a few people; one, because he was part of a bit of drama and I realised life would be better without him (long story). The others, I simply removed as they never talked to me, I hadn't seen them since high school so it was a little pointless. I try to keep my FB friends to people I know only anyway.

    To just delete you like that though is a bit mean. If it's not a case of 'you're on my list but I don't really know you', one would think at least letting you know WHY would be the mature thing to do!