Monday, December 13, 2010

New Music Monday

Yep, it's that time again, time to learn about a few new songs that I'm loving right now. If you ask nicely, perhaps, I'll even personally send you some. : )

Cee Lo Green- "Cry Baby"
I predict that this will be his next radio hit. It's much sweeter and softer than his other hit off this album, "F**k You".Yet this song also has that same fun bouncy feel to it. I can't help but dance to it every time I hear it.

Aloe Blacc- "I need a Dollar"

Blacc's got this gritty, funky soul thing going on that's incredibly addicting. Sure, this has a total 70's vibe to it but it's still perfect for today too. I am totally digging it!

Christina Aguilera- "Bound to You"
This is a song from her new film, "Burlesque" and I seriously cannot get enough of it. The lyrics are so powerful and cut so deep. I just love her voice. It's so passionate and emotional. I saw the movie over Thanksgiving weekend I enjoyed it but I'm a big of all things musical related.

Atlantic/Pacific- "Patterns"
What is there not to like about this tune? The mellow chimes, pitter-pat drums and breathy vocals flow into this love song. Doesn't it just ring with passion and hope?

Lauren Pritchard- "Painkillers"
This chick has a sexy and ragged voice that will fill your head long after the song finishes. This song slowly becomes a racy R&B number.

Adele- "Rolling in the Deep"
I'm so happy that Adele is back in action and has a new album coming out in February. I seriously was in love with her first album so I am sure that I'll adore her second one too. If you've never heard of her, then wake up and prepare yourself for greatness!


  1. bound to you is amazing. i love love love her voice, and burlesque is so good i sort of want to see it again!

  2. oh i like these! xoxox

  3. "Bound to You" is gorgeous and I'm excited about Adele's new CD too!