Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Always Wishing

I always blow out my birthday candles.
I blow eyelashes and dandelions.
I wish on shooting stars falling from the sky.
I make wishes at 11:11 and on every wishbone.

I'm always making wishes. I'm not superstitious at all but I seem to always find a moment or two throughout the day to make a wish. Sometimes they are simple little things like, 'please let this grocery store have my favorite cereal' or big things like 'please let me arrive to my destination safely'. I'm not a religious person at all so this is why I call these wishes and not prayers. I'm not really too sure who I'm wishing to exactly. Perhaps, I'm just throwing it out there into the universe to see what sticks.

Here's what I've been wishing for lately:
  1. I wish you sunlight on the gloomiest of days.
  2. I wish you a long and lazy morning with breakfast in bed.
  3. I wish for you the sound of your families laughter.
  4. I wish you a kiss in the moonlight from someone you love.
  5. I wish you always get a seat by the window.
  6. I wish you patience, because sometimes the world will insist on walking when you want to run.
  7. I wish you the abandon to dance badly at weddings.
  8. I wish you a good memory, except for grievances.
  9. I wish you rainbows and fireworks.
  10. I wish that no matter your age, at least once a year you splash in a puddle.
  11. I wish that you never fear failure, for doing so makes it hard to succeed.
  12. I wish that you're never the last to laugh.
  13. I wish you a mountain to climb and the will to do it.
  14. I wish you intense passion.
  15. I wish you the vision that lets you see the good in others and the faults in yourself.
  16. I wish that when you're blessed with old age, you have memories to feast on and a mind that's still hungry for more.
  17. I wish that no matter how tall you walk, you never look down on others around you.
  18. I wish you the strength to face your fears, to recognize them as part of yourself, and still move on.
  19. I wish you all the courage you'll ever need in life.
  20. I wish that once a year, you ditch work early and go to see a movie in the afternoon or go shopping.
  21. I wish you laugh lines, not wrinkles.
  22. I wish you the sense to laugh at the world and all it's absurdities, and the wisdom to laugh at yourself before others do.
  23. I wish that you see that beauty lies in the shadows as well as in the sun.
  24. I wish that you can feel my hand in yours whenever you need it.
  25. I wish you a home as welcoming as a mother's embrace.
  26. I wish that you would always have one wish left.


  1. Those are wonderful wishes. Some of I wish for myself all the time. I also wish at 11:11 and that also happens to be my sons birthday.

  2. I love your list of wishes! I wish for you all the same things! Happy Weekend!

  3. Great wishes!!! I think I wish for #6 on a daily basis :).

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Wonderful wishes! May all your wishes always come true! :)

  5. My favorites are: 6, 10, 18, 21, 22 and 26! Great list.