Friday, December 10, 2010

We Need Help with a Pin-Ups for Vets Party!

Today I sent out an email asking for help from my family and friends for an event my roommate Gina and I are trying to put together to promote her 2011 Pin-Ups For Vets Calendar. Then, I thought, why not ask my blogging friends for help too. Perhaps, you guys have connections that could be useful to us for this event as well. So, please read the letter below and let me know. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Dear friends and family,

If you don't know already, since moving to LA, I've been helping my roommate, Gina, with her incredible non-profit organization,
Pin Ups For Vets. She makes these awesome pin-up style calendars and all the money raised from these calendars goes to support VA and Military Hospitals around the US. I've been lucky enough to travel to 4 different states with her since I've been here. By the end of this year, the project will have raised over $50,000. That's amazing, right?!

Well, on
JANUARY 25th, we are going to have a 2011 Calendar Release Party here in downtown Los Angeles. I was the production manager for this calendar so I can say first-hand that it's an awesome calendar. Be sure to go to her website and buy one for yourself or one for a soldier currently overseas.

Ok, back to the release party, in order for this party to be a huge success, we need lots of help.

Firstly, if you or anyone you know has access to a
red carpet, velvet rope or lighting, that would be great.

We are also planning on having a raffle too. So, please let me know if any of you work at a company that would be able to
donate high ticket items? We are thinking gift cards, electronics, jewelery, a weekend trip to Vegas, etc.... We need awesome prizes to attract people to the event. Of course all raffle proceeds will benefit hospitalized Veterans.

Along with all of this, we would like this to be a star studded event so if you guys know of any
celebs that would be willing to stop by, that would be terrific.

Last but certainly not least, we need
alcohol at this shindig. We would love to have a liquor company of some kind donate to the event. So, get your feelers out there and don't hesitate to contact me for more information on what we need for the event.

Thanks so much for your time and please let's work together to make this an amazing party for
Pin-Ups for Vets!!


  1. I wish I had connections in LA so I could help out with this. I have a lot of friends serving right now and this is a WONDERFUL project!

  2. WOW, sounds like it is going to be a great 2011 calendar send off. Good luck with all the prep and planning.

  3. Wish I could help with this but am sadly in the UK! But good luck with everything - it looks like a fantastic calendar!