Wednesday, December 15, 2010

31 Day Photo Challenge-Day 3

Day 3 of 31 Day Photo Challenge- Post a picture of the cast from your favorite show

Well, I can never just post one picture so here are three pictures of the casts from shows I love. Of course, these aren't all my favorites. For a pretty full list of TV shows that I've gotten into, check out this post.

I was late to the "Mad Men" craze but I do really love it now! I am a season behind but I'll be catching up eventually.

"Felicity" was an amazing show and I am so sad that it had to end. It was a show about college and alas, college can't last more than 4 seasons! : ( I totally recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and sweet show to get into with a ending point.

Yes, I admit it, I heart "Saved By The Bell" and I own every.single.episode! : )


  1. I have never seen Felicity but I may just have to check it out. I am always looking for shows to watch on dvd when I have the time.

  2. I miss Felicity so much! I loved that show :) My sisters and I went through a kick where we ordered all the discs on netflix--so fun!

  3. I love Saved by the Bell too! :)

    I've seen every episode including when it was called Good Morning, Miss Bliss!

    I haven't seen it in yearsssss!

  4. Courtney, we should watch Felicity together sometime! : ) And yes, Tim, Saved by the Bell is awesome! Someday, I want to have a Saved By the Bell party! : )

  5. I just started watching Mad Men yesterday. I'm getting the dvds through netflix so I only watched the first 3 episodes. It's pretty good! But now I have to wait for the next dvd.

  6. Mad Men would be on my list for sure... Grey's, Brothers & Sisters, Friends and the original 90210. :)

  7. WHo am I kidding, I have to add OTH too. But the photo would HAVE to include Lucas Scott.

    I should give Felicity a shot someday.