Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gotta Love TV

So, I enjoy relaxing in front of the TV just as much as anyone out there, but I feel like it just might be getting a little out of hand. Unfortunately, I tend to easily get sucked into most TV shows. Just give me a few episodes to watch back to back and I can usually find something about the show to get involved with. I guess I just love the characters and following their sometimes crazy and sophisticated lives. I'm also fascinated by the love stories in these shows. Who is with who and why and what love triangles are there? It's all just so juicy! Gotta love the drama!

Perhaps I get a kick out of all these shows because they are so far from my own life. I've certainly never had an affair, slayed a vampire, has plastic surgery, worked in that kind of office environment, gone to a high school in Beverly Hills, lived in the 60's, worked at a hospital, murdered anyone or spent any time in the Tudor dynasty. Wow, my life is so uneventful compared to all these shows... What can I say, I don't like conflict. Maybe I need to stir up some drama! : )

This week, I have to add two more shows to my list... One of them I have my roommate, Swati to thank for and I'm not so proud of this one, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". After several mis-hits for me, I have finally gotten into it. Swati owns all the seasons and last week we watched season 1 in about three nights and then started season 2 and sadly, I am already hooked and am eager to find out what happens from one episode to the next. I should have known I would enjoy this show since I'm a fan of all things vampire-related. The next show is "Mad Men" which I just started watching tonight. Thanks to Netflix, I can add any and all TV shows to my wish list and just today I received the first two discs of season 1. I'm already in love with it, the fashion of the 60's, the culture and of course the hot leading man. What's not to appreciate about all that?

I will say one thing that I have going for me is that all these shows have incredible soundtracks and that really hooks me to a show. Music is another character in most of them and I absolutely love that. I almost always find myself checking out the soundtracks on iTunes after an episode. Take "Nip Tuck" for example, for every cut and slice on that show, there is an awesome song to match it. Some of my favorite sweet and sappy songs come from "Grey's Anatomy" and "Felicity. I've learned about a lot of new artists through "One Tree Hill" and "Weeds". I've even been exposed to Latin music through the Miami based, "Dexter" and "Sex and the City" has fun party music.

The Internet just makes it so easy to watch any and all shows so I can't help but stay caught up on them and start watching new ones. I was really sick this past year for about a week with the flu and I stayed in bed and literally watched like three seasons of three different shows! Yikes! Where does the time go?! Well, I figure as long as I'm not hurting anyone with these TV watching, then what can harm can it all do? Right? They are certainly my perfect escape.

Many of these shows I connect to people with. I loved staying up late in the summers with my mom, watching old episodes of "Sex and the City" and my dad was fascinated by "90210". I got my sister hooked onto "One Tree Hill" and Tracy and I spent many late nights watching"Felicity". So many memories go along with these shows that I find comfort in watching them today.

In all honesty, currently, I am only really keeping track of maybe two shows. I just don't have the time or energy to keep up with them all. Plus, several of them are off the air now-thank goodness! : ) So what are your favorite shows? Any guilty pleasures?

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  1. For not having a tv anymore, you sure do watch a lot of shows!! Probably more than anyone I know! The Internet and DVDs (Netflix) make it way too easy, huh? Plus, not having to watch all the silly commercials is great too, isn't it? I miss my old frivolous tv watching days. Enjoy! xoxo