Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day in Palm Springs

Today I am headed to Palm Springs to meet up with my friend Leslie and her family and boyfriend that are all staying there this week. I have been to Palm Springs a couple times before but with my family so I am looking forward to being with a friend there. We are planning on laying by the pool during the day with a couple Pina Coladas and going out to a nice dinner tonight. I have only been around her parents and brother once before so I am happy to be able to spend more time with them. The same goes goes for her boyfriend, Charlie. They've been dating for awhile now and I've only met him once.

Leslie and I have friends since college. My other very good friends, Tracy and Alyson, actually went to high school with her in Minnesota. Leslie was unhappy at George Washington University so Tracy convinced her to transfer to University of Arizona our junior year. I couldn't have been happier about this. Since I lived with Tracy for two years I got to know all about Leslie. So, when she finally did move to Arizona, I felt like I already knew her really well. We instantly became friends. I adore her honesty and realism. Her fashion ain't bad either! Haha! She was even photographed for a fashion piece in a NY magazine!

I haven't seen Leslie since I met her and another mutual college friend in Miami about this time last year. My, how a year flies by! She is a dear friend to me and I am so happy that her family decided to spend their family vacation so close to me that I could drive to meet them there. What a lovely way to spend a Thursday! : )

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  1. Sorry that things didn't quite end up the way you had planned. Stupid DMV! Looking forward to seeing you soon. xoxo