Saturday, March 27, 2010

Job Opportunity

So, I received a little promising job news last night... My old boss in Phoenix would like me to freelance a bit for him and his company in LA. Here's what he says in his last email to me last night:

"...By the way, I’m going to attach our most current “Jazz” flyer (we will soon fix it up to read “Arts & Music” and then I’ll resupply you). If you’re over there in L.A. freelancing, you can feel free to email this to various venues or whatever. In fact, if you’re trying to network to find a job, you could use this as an excuse to build an L.A. Database in File Maker Pro, then later use it for personal reasons and so forth (like to make job inquiries). If you went about the process in that way, it almost looks stronger because they’ll see you as working with a quality project long before you try to inquire about part- or full-time work."

It's just a thought but I like where his head is at! : ) I will definitely look into doing this and seeing what I can do to help him out in LA. I'll keep ya posted! LA music world look out!

"In the music business bigger is not necessarily better. In fact, I believe smaller is actually better."
--Chuck Kaye, Dreamworks, SBK Publishing

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  1. Sounds like a greta way to get your foot in the door and maybe earn a little extra money on the side....I say, Go For It!! Nice of your old boss to keep you in mind. Better to NEVER burn bridges. :)