Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easy Money

This and last week, I've had the pleasure of making some very easy money! This is highly welcome since I am still looking for the right job. I have an interview tomorrow which is very promising so stay tuned for the details!

Last Thursday, I babysat for my friend Jason's brother and sister in-law. They have a 13 month old daughter named Anna. She was already asleep when I got there and remained asleep the whole 3 hours that I babysat so it was totally easy. I was actually kind of sad that I didn't get to meet and play with her. I laid on their couch pretty much the entire time and read my book and would glance over at the baby monitor from time to time to check out how she was doing. I can't get over how calming it is to watch babies sleep. They look completely peaceful. Do you think babies dream? Probably about big juicy bottles of milk, huh? : )

Then tonight, I participated in a focus study group for an hour and a half and was paid a whopping $75! All I had to do was sit in a conference room with 7 strangers and talk about our experiences with museums and what we would like to see in an exhibit about the history of Los Angeles. It was super easy and honestly, I didn't really feel like I could contribute a whole lot to the discussion since I am so new to here. Nonetheless, I was paid at the end of the session and I gladly accepted.

"Money is like a sixth sense, and you can't make use of the other five without it". -W. Somerset Maugham


  1. It doesn't grow on trees, so take it when you can get it! :)