Monday, March 29, 2010

F-ing LA Traffic

I've been fairly lucky since I moved here and haven't really dealt with the dreaded LA traffic...much. This is because I'm not out on the freeways at rush hour time. I'm running my errand in the late morning or early afternoon mostly.

However, coming home from San Diego this past Sunday evening was an absolute nightmare and I found myself screaming a few times. I'm usually a pretty patient person but this bout of traffic was certainly testing me. I was especially annoyed because I needed to be home by 6:30 to get to that delightful penis show that I told you about in my last post... ; )

Every song on my iPod just wasn't cutting it and no freeway lane was faster than the other. So, I'd like some helpful advice from my readers... What do you do when the traffic is that bad? I tried calling a few people (using my hands-free device of course) but no one was answering, the commercials on the radio were giving me a headache, the sunset was right in my eyes so I was practically blinded, no eye candy in any nearby cars to gawk at and of course I needed to pee.... So, all in all, I was super uncomfortable!! Blah! AND the thing that really kills me is that there was really no explanation for the horrible traffic!! There were no accidents, no distractions at all on the road!

So, what was the problem?! Grrrr! I think a big reason why most people can't stand bad traffic, me included, is that you can't control it. We have no control at all how many cars are out there and how fast we can go. I don't know but I need to just figure out what the busy times on the freeway are and remember to not be on them at that time.. Oh wait, this is LA, that time is all the time! YIKES!!!

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  1. Sorry that you had such a frustrating time getting home in Sunday. Part of being a southern Californian is dealing with and accepting the horrific traffic. It is just a way of life. Ever think about getting a Vespa for around town trips? Maybe try the train next time you cone down here?