Saturday, March 6, 2010


Over the years, I've had amazing luck with roommates. In fact, I've never ever been in an unhappy living situation. It all started Freshman year at the University of Arizona with Tracy. We were even assigned to live together. Little did the housing person know that she was changing my life for the better with that incredible decision. I still do not know why we exactly we were put together. Tracy and I went on to live together our sophomore year as well. She is now one of my best friends and I love her dearly. I hate that we live so far from each other but I think those days are numbered.

My junior year I lived with three boys which was quite an experience. They were my two friends, Collin and Patrick and a random guy, Paul, who was placed into our empty bedroom. I became the mother of the house and certainly cleaned up way to many messes that weren't mine. Despite all this, I didn't mind living with them and kind of enjoyed the new perspective I gained that year. I especially enjoyed getting to know Collin better. We quickly became close and I am happy that we still stay in touch.

Then I didn't have any roommates until now. Gina and Swati are great and I couldn't have asked for more fun people to live with. I almost can't remember my life without them. I am always excited when they get home from work and the weekends are a blast with them.

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  1. It certainly does help when you like who you live with! Glad you have been so lucky. xoxo