Monday, March 15, 2010

Recent Memorable Quotes

I'm always on the lookout for memorable quotes and phrases. I suppose a part of me does this because I secretly wish I could be an amazing writer when in reality, I am so far from it. If you've been an avid reader, you would know that I pretty much just write like I talk which isn't saying much... Anyway, I find these interesting quotes everywhere-magazines, books, newspapers, websites, friends and even random signs around the city. Sometimes I have trouble explaining myself to others so I often find myself using the words of others. Here are some recent memorable quotes that I have found. Enjoy!

  • "There's still a big part of me that feels like, 'How can it be real?' The fact that someone can just vanish is the strangest, strangest thing. I can't believe it's real. You want to say, 'When is it going to go back to normal?,' but it isn't going to go back to normal. It's going to be a different thing. "Think of it as a permanent limp," says my therapist. "What happened to you is going to color your world, but it doesn't have to color your world too much. I'm never going to get over Tasha, but I might eventually get used to living with her."
This is from an article in the February issue of Marie Claire. Helen Kirwan-Taylor lost her sister when she was 12 and now over 30 years ago since it happened, she is finally coming to terms with her grief and is beginning to move past the horrific tragedy. Sadly, I am able to relate to her feelings. The fact that my parents are no longer living is the strangest feeling in the world and I cannot begin to describe it to anyone who hasn't experienced grief in their lives before. "Normal" has a completely different meaning to me now. I'll never go back to that "normal" before they died, it just doesn't exist for me anymore. I have had to recreate my "normal" life.

  • "What I do know is that it's up to me to treat my body with the utmost love and respect. So I feed it organic foods and sweat every-day, do hot yoga, have sex, run marathons. Anything to make my heart race and skin flush."
This comes from an article in Spirit, the Southwest Airlines official magazine. Gail Konop Baker says this after many scares of breast cancer. I think this is really key to being healthy and happy in this life. You gotta take care of yourself. We only get one one body in this life so we have to make sure that it lasts a lifetime. It maybe hard at times but I know that it's crucial to take care of yourself. When everything in life is going wrong, just hop on the treadmill or go make a yummy salad and you'll feel better about everything afterwards. On that note, I'm going to Bikram Yoga tomorrow morning!

  • "He thought about the way the staff had made space for his grief as it were a tangible thing. Out in the world people drew back from it, but at the cemetery everyone was accustomed the presence of the bereaved, and so they were matter-of-fact about death in a way that Robert had never appreciated until now."
This is from Audrey Niffenegger's newest novel, "Her Fearful Symmetry". This book centers around death and the after life. I think that looking at grief as a physical thing and something that you can really feel is interesting and helpful in the long run. I suppose I haven't really been around people that really understand grief and death in general. I don't know anyone that is used to it.. and frankly, I don't exactly want to be around people that are comfortable with discussions of this kind all the time. Yet, I do know that once in awhile, it can be good for me.

"Words are the voices of the heart" -Confucius
"Good words are worth much and cost little" -George Herbert
"When ideas fail, words come in very handy" -Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

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  1. I have collected quotes forever too and have thousands of them. I guess we both get that from Dad. Sometimes (most times) others just know how to say it better.

    On another note, did you enjoy "Her Fearful Symmetry"? I did not. Her first book was so so so much better!! Hope you can make it to book club. xoxo