Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Phoenix Visitor!

Tonight my friend in Phoenix, Atalaya, is coming into town to visit me! Yay! She is my first official visitor so I am really excited! She is staying till Monday morning so we are going to get a lot of sightseeing done! She has never been to LA so I plan on taking her to a lot of the well known LA fun places. I have a whole itinerary written out so I remember all the museums, restaurant, theaters, historic sites clubs, parks, etc that I want to take her to. I haven't done any of these touristy things since I moved here so I'm happy that I have a visitor to go do them with. We are even seeing the show, "Dreamgirls" on Friday night which I've been told by numerous people is amazing.

I love being able to show friends my new life here in LA. It sort of proves that that this is really my new life and not just a temporary thing. Well, stay tuned for the details on what all we did this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Have a lot of fun with your first visitor and we'll see you on Sunday. :)