Sunday, April 18, 2010

Frozen Yogurt and Dumplings

This weekend I've had the wonderful pleasure of learning about two amazing restaurants here in LA. It really helps to have friends that have lived here awhile and know all the best places to go.

The first is Yogurtland, a delicious frozen yogurt joint. Unlike Pinkberry, most of the flavors aren't tangy and tart. Their flavors range from Artic Vanilla, Fresh Strawberry to the absolutely yummy Red Velvet Cupcake Batter. Of course, there are also a variety things to mix into the yogurt too, like nuts, chocolate chips, gummy bears, assorted fruits, cereal and several candies. You truly become the architect of your frozen yogurt creation. I hope for your sake that you live in one of the lucky places that have a Yogurtland.

The next place is the Din Tai Fung Dumpling House. I met a few friends from high school here tonight for an early dinner. This restaurant can only be found here in LA and in Asia so it's very well loved here. It was in a word, mouthwatering! Seriously, who knew that these little guys, dumplings, could be so awesome?! Check out the website for the full history for the legend of the Din Tai Fung Dumpling. And if you have a chance to make it out here, take a side trip to Arcadia for these dumplings. I promise you will not be disappointed!


  1. Leah--its the tart taste that I ADORE about Pinkberry. I'm not a fan of "sweet" yogurt anymore after PB! :)

  2. Both sound delicious... Take me next time I'm in town.