Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving Words

"Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone" -Major Megan McClung
This haunting inscription is on her gravestone at the Arlington Cemetery.

I encourage all my readers to read the following posting from the blog, The Unknown Soldiers. At tonight's closing ceremony of the Military Blog Conference, the writer of this blog won an award. Specifically, his posting on Major Megan McClung really touched me. She was the first female U.S Marine Officer killed in action during the Iraqi war. In just 34 years she accomplished more than most people will in their entire lifetimes. I am in awe of her tremendous bravery and strength and will definitely be visiting her headstone on Monday. Thank you Tom Sileo for educating me on this amazing woman and the countless other unknown soldiers. I think we can learn so much from all their lives. I hope to be a little better everyday because of their actions.

While I may not know a lot about the war and am honestly not happy we got involved in the first place, I can still appreciate all the men and woman who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. They have selflessly given so much and I am honored to have met a few of these incredible people this weekend. May all those overseas now be protected and feel our support from home.

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  1. 34 years old?! Wow, that's too young to die. Thanks for sharing Major McClung's story. xoxo