Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am so thankful to facebook and email for keeping me in touch with many of my high school and college friends that I no longer live near. I really don't think I would be so up to date on all their lives if it wasn't for networking sites. It has been amazing to do all this traveling but what makes it even sweeter is having all these mini reunions everywhere.

Take today for example, Gina and I had brunch with my high school buddy Young Jae and his wife and then my college friend Matt and his friend joined us too. Then, my friend Skylar from college met us for some sightseeing during the day around D.C. And that's not all folks, for dinner we met up with not one but three more friends from high school, Andrea, Htet Htet and Jae Gu! Crazy, huh? So, in total, I was able to see 6 long lost friends who aren't so lost anymore. : )

I also love being able to introduce my present life to my past life. My roommate Gina was getting an inside look at who my friends were in high school and college and therefore, what kind of person I was back then. Note, I haven't changed too much, right? Hopefully, just more mature and a little wiser.

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  1. It's really fun when friends from different chapters in our lives collide. Glad you had fun reuniting. xoxo