Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Alone

This weekend for the first time since I moved in, I have the house to myself. My roommates are both headed out of town, one to Redlands, CA and the other to Joshua Tree, CA. Yet, I'm excited that I have a pretty jam packed weekend planned. Tonight I'll be home alone and just plan on perhaps opening a bottle of wine, taking a bath and getting to bed early with a new book.

Tomorrow morning at 8 am my official marathon training begins!! Woo hoo! I'm kinda nervous but anxious to meet other runners and the coaching staff too. There will be a few clinics and then we'll run a mile altogether. I am really hoping that I can get through the mile without too much of my pesky calf pain.

Then after the training session, my friend Courtney, her bf and I are headed to a ASU baseball game against UCLA. I never thought that I would be attending an ASU sporting event. I mean, as a U of A student, we sort of hated the dreaded ASU folks..but whatcha gonna do? I feel like I gotta support any and all Arizona peeps now that I live here in California. After a fun afternoon of baseball watching and all that comes with that, beer, hotdogs and general fun in the sun, I am going to babysit at night. I think it will be the perfect relaxing way to end the day.

On Sunday, I have a double date planned. So, all in all, a very busy weekend so I won't really be able to take advantage of an empty house.. Oh well... I'm glad that I won't be sitting at home alone wishing I was out enjoying the weekend in LA.

“This is my house, I have to defend it.” –Kevin from Home Alone

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  1. Do you know how long it has been since I had my house to myself? Oh, that sounds like pure bliss!!

    Sounds like you had a lot planned... hope you found time to enjoy the alone time.