Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Open Book

Most people would say that I like to talk and will willingly tell you just about everything. What can I say, I'm an open book! Well, last night Gina asked me what was one thing that really has helped me get through losing my parents and I told her that it was my openness. I don't like to keep things locked away. I have this need to tell a friend what is bothering me or making me sad. I just don't think any good will come from keeping most things to myself. I also usually feel like I need advice or their input on whatever is happening in my life.

It's been super therapeutic for me to talk about my parents with others. I love when my friends ask me what movies my dad enjoyed or about my mom's favorite music. So please go ahead and ask me anything about their lives. This keeps them alive in today's world. I enjoy telling my sister when she does something that is just like our Mom and Dad. I hope she enjoys hearing it too.

Well, here's hoping you'll continue to listen and be patient with me. : )

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  1. It is usually out of the blue, but yes, I do enjoy hearing things that I do remind you of Mom & Dad. I'm sorry that I don't talk about them enough with you or anyone in fact. It can be very helpful and I should do it more often. xoxo