Friday, April 9, 2010

Lots of Chatty People, One Army Hospital and the Pentagon

Chatty Mc. Chattersons are people that like to hear the sound of their own voices. Gina and I have met plenty of them here in D.C so far. I don't get it.. it's like they can't get enough of their stories and feel the need to tell anyone and everyone around them absolutely everything about them And I'm not even talking about VETS, these are the civilians!

Despite this one annoying thing, today was super great! We met a lot of courageous men and women at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. Those injured men seemed really happy to get a calendar or a poster from Gina. But who wouldn't enjoy seeing two pretty girls walking into their hospital room? : ) My heart really goes out to all these VETS who've lost limbs and much more, all from being patriotic and trying to defend their country. One particular young guy really stood out to me; he had lost both his legs and was having to use two prosthetics to walk around. He gladly accepted a calendar from Gina and when I took a picture of the two of them, he had on the biggest smile of anyone we saw at the hospital. It was incredibly humbling. If you can still be happy after something so horrific like that happens to you, then you can get through absolutely anything.

After leaving Walter Reed, we headed to the Pentagon for our special guided tour inside!! Sweet, right? Evidently, not everyone gets to go inside so I felt pretty damn special. The Pentagon is a huge place! I had no idea that all that was in there! It's like a mall in there on certain levels; complete with ATM machines, a huge food court, an eye doctor and even a movie rental spot. It was really neat getting to see the Intelligence Hall too. Sadly, we couldn't take any pictures in the Pentagon...oh well, that's what mental pictures are for!

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on the Annual Mil Blog Conference where Gina and I will be attending and even setting up a booth.

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  1. I bet it was really humbling to visit the Vets at Walter Reed. Isn't it an injured soldier's first stop upon returning from Iraq or Afganistan? I think Gina's project is amazing and it was so nice of her to invite you along on this trip. A private tour of the Pentagon!?! Very cool. Can't wait to hear more about your trip in person. xoxo