Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Bases....

Now I warn you, I talk about all things physical in this post so be prepared as I keep it super real. : )

"Hey boy, I really like being with you. Just hanging out is fun. So maybe we can go to... First base. Because I feel you. Second base, I want you to feel me too boy. Third base, better pump the brakes. Ooh baby, slow down. I gotta go home now."
Alicia Keys- "Teenage Love Affair"

Last week I went around asking my friends how they defined the 'bases'. You all know the ones I'm talking about... Well, you wouldn't think that this would be so interesting. I mean, originally, I thought that there was only one right answer, that they were all universal. Yet, I've learned this is not true at all. In fact, the answers vary regional, generational, socially and culturally. Of course, we can all agree what home base means.... In the words of a new friend Steve, "It's a home run no matter which team you're on."

Here are the best results that I received:

1st Base- Kissing
2nd Base- Touching
3rd Base- Both kissing and touching
(From a 60 year old)

1st Base- Making out
2nd Base- Clothes on/off with touching
3rd Base- Oral

1st Base- Just kissing--some tongue, but not complete making out (because I think of making out as having some touchy-feely-ness!)
2nd Base- Full-on making out, like on a couch or in a car or something
3rd Base- Making out with lots of touching...what we used to call petting. Maybe shirts off...

1st Base- Kissing
2nd Base- Any touching of one another, but no orgasms
3rd Base- Hand job, blow job, etc.
Home Run- Ya know ;)
I totally just made those up on the spot, but they make sense to me! I think some people say that 2nd is like over-the-shirt groping, but then that's too big of a jump to third, ya know? It's tricky... there should really be 5 bases!

1st Base- French kissing
2nd Base- Feeling boobs
3rd Base- Hand jobs, jobs of any kind, etc.
Home Run- Sex!!

1st Base- Kissing
2nd Base- Over the clothes feel up
Stealing 3rd Base- Finger/hand job
3rd Base- Oral Sex
Home Run- Sex
Foul Ball- Anal Sex :)

1st Base- Making out with over-the-clothes groping.
2nd Base- Making out with under-the-clothes groping/partial nudity
3rd Base- Hands and/or mouths on parts. (and the reason i say 'or' is because I've never particularly believed that oral sex always comes before old-fashioned sex, Bill and Monica notwithstanding.)
Home Run- Obvious.

So did you agree with these answers? Have you got other ones?


  1. Hey Justin here. I believe that this conundrum of meaning can be summeried and clarified using the following chart.

  2. I'm not sure I know what the official "bases" are either and your little experiment didn't me out one bit. It sounds like everyone has their own ideas. Fun topic though!