Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's the Little Things...

Last week I happened to notice a sweet little bird nest in a tree top right by my window. The desk in my bedroom is next to the window so I look out of it a lot throughout the day. Anyway, a few days later, I saw that there was a baby bird in the nest along with it's mother. For probably 20 minutes, I just sat there and watched the mother bird feed her baby. I was seriously memorized by it. I don't mean to get totally sentimental or anything but I think it was so neat witnessing such love and devotion in the animal kingdom. It felt like I was seeing something very precious that most people don't get a chance to see.

I think for the most part, we are all too busy running around like chickens with our heads cut off, furiously trying to get things done in our lives and not taking the time to appreciate the little things. Well, I'd like to think that I still do take the time to delight in those things. It's the little things that count after all. Right? What little things do you appreciate in your day to day routine?

Of course, being me, I have to add music to this posting. The following is really sweet song called "Little Things" by the artist India Arie.

Been around the whole world, still ain't seen
Nothin' like my neighborhood
And of all the fancy satin and silk
My white cotton feels so good

Searched high and low for a place
Where I can lay my burdens down
Ain't nothin' in the whole wide world
Like the piece that I have found

(It's the little things) It's the little things
And the joy they bring
(The little things) It's the little things
And joy they bring

As simple as a phone call just to make it known
That you're gonna be a little late
Pure as a kiss on a cheek in a word
That everything will be okay

Call in the mornin' from my little sister
Singin' to me, "Happy Birthday"
In the quest for fortune and fame
Don't forget about the simple things

(It's the little things) It's the little things
And the joy they bring, yeah
(The little things) It's the little things
And joy

Give me some roomful, give me seclusion
Give me some peace of mind
Bring me some sunshine, bring me some blue sky

Runnin' 'round in circles, lost my focus
Lost sight of my goal
I do this for the love of music
Not for the glitter and gold

Got everything that I pray for
Even a little more
When I ask to learn humility
This is what I was told

(It's the little things) It's the little things
And the joy they bring, it's the little things
(The little things) It's the little things

Give me my guitar, bring me a bright star
Give me new clothes, give me some cute shoes
Give me a ladder, give me some matter
Bring me my peace of mind

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  1. The little things mean so much. It's part of the reason I love being a mom so much because EVERYTHING is new to Lucas. He is so present for it all and it is a joy to witness.