Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interior Design

Since I can remember, I've enjoyed rearranging my bedroom. I literally move every piece of furniture from one wall to the other. I love how drastically different I can make the room look. It's also a good time for some serious cleaning. In high school, my mom would always joke that she would come in and say good night to me from one side of the room and then I would be the exact opposite side of the room when she would come in and wake me up in the morning.

In fact for a time in college, I was seriously considering going into interior design or architecture. Unfortunately, there is way too much math in both of those areas for me to handle. I still think about it from to time but I enjoy the music industry much more.

Well, today I moved all the furniture around in my room. I hadn't done that since I first moved in so it felt totally therapeutic. I am happy to report that it looks totally awesome now. I'm not sure if I prefer this set up then what it was like before but it's different, so that's cool for now.

I can't help but wonder why do I enjoy moving my furniture around so much? Do I really like change this much? Can I really not handle things staying the same for too long in my life? Perhaps I'm getting a little too deep, I mean, I am just talking about furniture, but could it be my subconscious talking? Or maybe this is just one of my many hobbies...


  1. I have always been interested in interior design too... There are so many different kinds of decorating styles and so much you can do with one or two new pieces to add color and texture to a room. One simple change can transform a room. It's fun to think about the possiblities, but I rarely immplement them in my own home.

    Is that a new canopy bed, by the way?! It's gorgeous!!

  2. your room looks fab. mine might really need a makeover soon.