Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Miss my Nephew!

Just about every month, my sister invites me to write a guest post for her blog, Letters for Lucas. I really enjoy doing it and cannot wait for the day Lucas reads what I wrote it and we can talk all about it. The following was this month's post:


I haven’t seen you in 39 days and it’s killing me…literally! Ok, maybe not literally but I’m really not happy with it. Sure absence makes the heart grow fonder but I already adore you, so the time away from you isn’t changing anything. I understand though, you and your family have been busy little bees the past month and a half. I mean, geez, you all went to Australia! I hope that you remember me when I see you. I’m not too sure what your memory bank is like at 12 months but it would be sweet if you totally recognized me and got all excited to see me. We’ll see…

Fortunately, your mom invited me to come spend two days with you guys in San Diego this week. I am super thrilled to see you and spend some time with your mom. I don’t mean to sound like the doting aunt but you are getting bigger everyday and learning new things about this world so fast. And like your Grandma Adams would say, you are growing older but I’m staying the same age. Right?! : ) I cannot believe that you are going to be 1 year old in two weeks! This year has flown by! Never before have those words been truer than about this past year.

This week your mom sent me a picture of you sitting in one of my old wicker baby chairs from Pakistan. I brought it over for you several months ago when you were much too small to sit in it. I certainly thought it would be a lot longer before you were able to sit comfortably in it. But look at you now; it’s the perfect size for you! It makes me happy to see you in that, that chair is sort of symbol of your family traveling background. Your mom has a lot of neat things around the house from all over the world and I love that this chair is one of them. It’s also fun that I used to sit in it just like you! My parents would have loved to have seen you in it. They would have gotten the biggest kick out of it!

So while I know that living in LA is far closer to you then when I was living in Phoenix, it just isn’t close enough. I have seriously been considering the possibility of moving to San Diego in a year or so to be nearer to you guys. I want to be able to drop by for dinner once in awhile or take you for the day while your mom and dad hang out. I just can’t do those things now living an hour and a half away. We’ll see about it but it’s a definite possibility.

Well, precious nephew, that’s all for this guest post. I love you more everyday.

Love Always,

Aunt Leah

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  1. Guest Post is posted on my blog too.

    Thanks for coming to visit us and we'll try not to let so much time go by next time.