Friday, May 7, 2010

Beverly Hills Walk

Yesterday afternoon Jason and I went on a little walk through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive to be exact. While we didn't buy anything, it was still fun to walk around and enjoy the beautiful sunny California day. I hadn't ever really just leisurely walked around without a time frame so it was super nice to take our time. Not to mention people watching in Beverly Hills is amazing! There weren't too many tourists around and actually there seemed to be more local residents milling about.

Can you believe Rodeo Drive actually has a website?! A website all about what there is to see and do on this street. It is known to the world as the epicenter of luxury fashion. It spans 3 city blocks where visitors can enjoy more than 100 world-renowned boutiques and hotels.

On your next time to LA, if you haven't been before, I highly encourage you to take a stroll down Rodeo Drive.

1 comment:

  1. RD is definitely a tourist attraction, so it doesn't surprise me that it has it's own Web site. Glad you had the time to take it all in.