Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Phoenix Suns!

I've always been a big fan of watching sports, my favorite being basketball. I really enjoy supporting my teams, through the wins and the losses. I'm usually pretty good at finding a team to 'adopt' wherever I live. When I moved to Phoenix, I immediately started watching the Phoenix Suns games with all my friends there. Yet now that I live in LA, I can't betray my team. I can't go over to the Lakers side.

Tonight, the highly anticipated Western Conference playoff games began between the Los Angles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns. Of course I had to go out and watch the game so I met a friend in Santa Monica at a chic sports bar to watch it. He is a huge Lakers fan so I was all alone representing the Suns. Sadly, the Suns lost tonight but there are 6 more games in the Playoffs so there is plenty of time for a comeback!

Who knows, maybe after living here a few years, I'll support the Lakers but I really doubt that..haha Until that day, I'll go on cheering for the Suns, the Celtics and of course all my college sports.

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