Thursday, May 6, 2010

Downtown Cinco De Mayo

While in college, Cinco de Mayo was pretty much just a huge excuse to go out with friends and get kinda drunk, now it's a fun chance to spend time out and about with friends and relax. Last night was no exception, Swati and I had a blast in downtown Los Angeles. I'm excited that I got to meet a few new people who I can surely call my new LA friends. I even got the chance to ride the subway here for the first time which was super easy and half empty. Too bad it doesn't go through all of LA, that would be awesome! Oh well, let's save the subway riding to the other big cities. Anyway, here's to more fun nights out on the town!!

1 comment:

  1. Cinco de Drinko is what we used to call it! Even through I did have a margarita on Wednesday night, it certainly wasn't the drunk fest that it used to be. Happy to hear that you are meeting new people and expanding your LA friend base.