Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Grateful For...-Day 10

Day 10 Blessings:

  1. Movies. I love it when I like a movie so much I want to see it again as soon as the credits roll. There have a few of those movies.
  2. Feeling like I'm part of a group. I have amazing friends and I'll be grateful for them on another day's blessings, today I'm thankful for that sense of belonging to that group with them.
  3. I was blessed to live overseas for most of my life. Enough said.
  4. I have had some amazing food recently here in LA, there's really nothing like that first bite of something delicious.
  5. Then, there is also something amazing about tasting the first morsel of your favorite comfort food. Mine would probably be a grilled cheese sandwich. Yum.
  6. I'm grateful to have taken French classes all my life. I absolutely love the language and am so happy that I still THINK I can speak it. It's sad though that you lose what you don't use.


  1. i'm thankful for a good ol grilled cheese too :)

    new follower of your blog ~ really enjoy reading it!

  2. i totally get the whole first bite of something delicious! and grilled cheese is up for there me, too. i love how you are listing your blessings..we all have a lot to be thankful for!

  3. I'm with you on #1 all the way...

    I also LOVE grilled cheeses and don't have them nearly enough.