Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, that was quite a whirlwind weekend! Here a few of my favorite pictures:

On Saturday, my friend Courtney flew into town and we went straight to the UofA/UCLA football game to cheer on our beloved Wildcats. Here we are tailgating on the golf course that surrounds the
Rose Bowl with another UofA friend. She, however went there for grad school so her loyalty lies with her undergraduate school, UCLA. That's ok, we still like her anyway. : ) Oh, UofA did win this game by the way.

On Saturday night, I dressed up as Betty Boop. I can't believe that pretty much everyone guessed it from the clues I gave in
Can You Guess My Costume. Courtney was a fabulous peacock! Isn't her costume amazing?! However, my absolute favorite costume of the night was this girl dressed as a shower loofah! She even had a bubble gun with her! I loved it! And nope, I didn't know her but that never stops me on Halloween. : )

Then on Sunday night, I decided to switch it up and I was a blue crayon. Isn't my costume awesome?! I had no intention of wearing something else but Courtney and I stumbled upon a huge Halloween store near my home and we just had to go inside and check it out. Right away, I noticed this fun costume and just had to get it. Then, of course what blue crayons do you know with bright pink hair? None! So, I had to be different. My roomie Gina went out with us this night and she was such a cute 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We met these two Ghostbusters while we were out and just had to get a picture with them.

So, how was your weekend? Were your costumes a success? Or did you decide to not partake in any of that this year? I can't say that I'll ever be over Halloween and wearing costumes. I just enjoy all of that way too much.


  1. How fun that you had two costumes. My aunt (who was a second grade teacher for 32 years!) dressed as a red crayon pretty much every year when I was growing up--haha. I love dressing up too, but this year I stayed in and watched sports cause my city was in the World Series (and my football team played Sunday night, too)!

  2. Halloween in the UK isn't as big so I didn't do anything to celebrate it. I did however attend my first ever American Football game between the 49ers and Broncos in London which was pretty good at times despite it being very stop/start instead of the flowing games like real football and rugby that i'm used to in England.

  3. Great pictures!! I love your costumes!! The shower loofah is hilarious!!

  4. great costumes! This year i went as a pilgrim, bit i really looked more Amish. Either way, the drunks said they felt guilty just looking at me.

  5. The more clever the costume, the better. Dressing up like a slut is easy.