Monday, November 29, 2010

The Purse

"The Sophia Satchel, so chic, so perfect... No wonder it was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show."

So, if you don't know already, I was lucky enough to be on the second part of Oprah's Favorite Things Episode last Monday. One of the big ticket items that we were each given was this fabulous Coach purse. I love it! I am giving away a lot of the things I got from the show but I am definitely keeping this purse and have already begun using it.

I used it over the weekend and actually several people stopped me to ask me about it. I felt a little like a celebrity in a Coach store in Carlsbad when the salespeople asked me where I got it. Evidently, this particular purse is out of stock and very hard to find anywhere right now. That's the Oprah Effect for ya! If Oprah says something is awesome, then you can bet that pretty soon, it will become out of stock! When I finally told them that I was in the audience at the Favorite Things episode, they were shocked and couldn't believe it. They started screaming and asking me to give them the whole story! Of course, I happily obliged! : )

Needless to say, I feel very fortunate to own this Coach purse. It kind of puts all my Target and TJ Maxx purses to shame! Now if only I could get the matching wallet to go with the purse! Haha!


  1. That's AWESOME! Congrats on winning such an awesome purse. I must admit, I am jealous lol I have always wanted a Coach purse.

  2. I love it and it was fun telling people that it was a gift from Oprah all weekend. :)

  3. Oh I love the purse! I want should've taken me w/ you to the show!

  4. oh my gosh, how much fun! I think everyone wants to be on her favorite things episodes!!

  5. Right there in your arms that purse has found its long-lost home. It looks so happy snuggled there.

  6. Leah I owe you a mail! This Coach purse is gorgeous and it looks good on you!

  7. You flaunt it, girl! Not only is it from Oprah, but it's red - there's a statement right there!

  8. I'll thank Coach--who actually supplied all the purses gratis. Somebody had to do it.

    $128.00 style:44568

    The brilliant shine of extra-smooth patent leather gives this organized design a surprisingly sophisticated presence.

    Extra smooth patent leather

    Credit card pockets and multifunction pockets

    Bill compartment

    Slip pocket with ID window

    Snap closure

    Outside back zipper pocket

    5 ¼” (L) x 4 ¼” (H)

    Hmm. I bet there is room for a fundraising button
    on the right to get this into that purse. Or maybe Coach will see this. And all the great things you've said about them in the last couple of weeks. I bet they make shiny shoes to match, too. Even "Adorable" flats. Style Q667.

  9. Just coming back to tell Darrell he rocks!! :)

  10. @ Darrel-Wow, that's awesome! Thanks! I'll let you know if I ever hear from Coach!

  11. I've had my eye on this same style of purse, but in blue. But since Oprah isn't giving me one, I can't really justify paying the money for one myself. You are so lucky that you were at Oprah's show!