Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Grateful For...-Day 2

Day 2 Blessings:
  1. Candles. I adore candles. I also love burning fragrance oils in my bedroom. There's something about walking into a room and automatically smelling cotton, apples, vanilla or the ocean breeze. I just love it.
  2. Following your intuition and being delighted that you did.
  3. I'm grateful for the dreams that I have that will not die because I was born to love it into full being.
  4. Trying something new and loving it completely.
  5. I'm thankful to be living by the beach now. The feel of the sand beneath my feet, the salty breeze and the warming rays of the sun make for a wonderful afternoon.
  6. Realizing that there are no coincidences in life.
  7. Summoning up the courage to surmount a challenge.
  8. Oprah! : )


  1. I hate candles! LOL I don't know why, i just always think they will start a fire I guess.
    I'd love to be at the beach right now :)