Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Grateful For...-Day 13

Here are my blessings for Day 13:
  1. I'm grateful to usually get 6-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night! All my life (so far) I've never been one of those people that tosses and turns and wakes up a million times throughout the night. Thank goodness, cause I LOVE sleep!
  2. Breakfast in bed! There's something about eating your first meal of the day under warm covers. I enjoy eating a bowl of cereal in bed especially.
  3. I'm able to pay all my bills.
  4. I'm grateful that I can completely and utterly surrender to what is and then waiting expectantly for the good that is to come.
  5. My magazines and the time to flip through each and every page.
  6. Delighting in other people's children.
  7. Delighting in my amazing nephew, Lucas. He is definitely my favorite person in the world!
  8. The desire for knowledge. I love constantly learning new things. Teach away!
  9. I'm grateful for bookstores. I feel closer to my family every time I'm in one.
  10. The amazing sunrises and sunsets I've seen in my life.


  1. 6 makes me laugh and 7 makes me smile. :) He loves you too.