Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Grateful For...-Day 1

Day 1 Blessings:
  1. I'm grateful for the moment of relief when you realize that the pain has subsided.
  2. Meeting your soul mate and recognizing that you have known each other before.
  3. Holding hands.
  4. Big and loving bear hugs.
  5. The support and loving presence of my sister.
  6. Wishing on a star. Having that wish come true.
  7. The moment when you are able to distinguish between your needs and your wants.
  8. Having your friends and family appreciate your sense of humor.
  9. The intimate bond of friendship that protects, nurtures, inspires and comforts.
  10. I'm thankful most that I get to share the holidays with people that I really want to be with, my wonderful family.