Thursday, July 22, 2010

Airports. . .

I meant to post this a long time ago too...
(I wrote this on a long layover several weeks ago)

While I can be quite the social butterfly a lot of the time, I'm still not comfortable going to bars and restaurants alone but here at the airport, it's a whole different story. It's not awkward at all for a person to be alone drinking at a bar waiting for their flight to leave. There's something almost mysterious about us all. Where are we going and where are we coming from? How long is the layover? Who were we meeting? Well, I'm on my way back to LA and I have an awful 4 hours here in the Salt Lake City Airport. At least this bar that I'm at now is fun and the people around me are pretty chatty.

Whenever I'm in airports, I always think I'm going to run into someone I know. I mean, come on, I have 700 something Facebook friends plus a few others that haven't surrendered to it yet. You would think I'd run into one of those people here, right? Who have you run into at the airport? Someone you haven't seen in forever? Perhaps your long lost love? How romantic would that be?

I've never been the biggest fan of airports. I've been in so many all over the world and while, when I was younger, they were kind of fun and exciting places, later in my life, airports became so sad and final. First, it was saying goodbye to my sister after every wonderful Christmas and Summer vacation. Then it was to say goodbye to my parents when they would trek back overseas for another school year and now I say goodbye to all the friends I visit. Of course, I know airports can be happy places too because you get to see a lot of people because of them. I don't know, based on my total experience, I'm just not a fan of airports. However, I will say that this beer I'm currently drinking and the funny gentlemen around me make this layover today pretty amusing.

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  1. Reminds me of a song I know you know:

    "And airports
    See it all the time
    Where someone's last goodbye
    Blends in with someone's sigh
    Cause someone's coming home
    In hand a single rose"

    I don't mind sitting alone anywhere... as long as I have my phone, a book, my iPod, etc. just in case I get hit on by some loser or Chatty Cathy.