Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Looking Back on AZ

So this past weekend, as I was driving back into the Phoenix city limits, I couldn't help but feel pretty happy that my life was no longer there. Phoenix is a very large fast growing city made up of freeways, lots of cactus, sandy dunes and many cookie cutter housing developments. Of course it has a lot more to offer. The sunsets for one thing are amazing and I do miss them a lot. Yet the desert landscape is just not for me anymore. Perhaps after I'm married, I'll move back to AZ to raise a family but I highly doubt that I'll ever want to leave California. Tucson, Arizona will always have a special place in my heart since that is where my family and I would spend our summer vacations and that is where I went to college.

My biggest qualm with Phoenix right now is that the ridiculously hot days of summer vastly outnumber the pleasant ones. I was only back in Phoenix for about 48 hours but I was hit very hard with the excruciating heat. At one point it was 117 degrees!!! That's just not right! I think they should just close down the city in the summer and everyone is forced to leave for cooler states!

All that being sad, I certainly can say that I totally enjoyed my time living there and my visits back are always enjoyable. My residency in Phoenix was short and sweet and I made some incredible friends whom I am grateful for. They all need to come visit me in much cooler Cali soon! Anyway, this past trip was my first time being there that I really didn't feel like I was home. I guess that means that I am finally feeling comfortable in LA. Finally!

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  1. Arizona will always hold a special place in my heart because of mom and dad and Orme and college and the few friends I still have there. I also love the desert landscape, purple mountains, catctus and gorgeous sunsets, but the heat is unbearable in the summertime. 117* is just stupid! I'm happy be a Californian and I'm glad California is starting to feel like home to you now too.