Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

I love dancing! I really do. I'm definitely not the best dancer by far but I think I've got some rhythm and coordination and I'm always up for some impromptu dancing. I've been to two weddings recently and I honestly think the dancing at the reception is the best part of the whole thing. Most people are loosened up with a few drinks under their belts, the bride and groom have said their hello's and thank-you's to most guests and can finally unwind on the dance floor for a bit.

Tonight, I watched the newest episode of So You Think You Can Dance and I swear every time I watch an episode of this show, I'm reminded of how much I enjoy dancing and how much more I wish my friends and I went out and danced. Geez, I live in LA now... there are dancing clubs everywhere in this city and I haven't been to one yet! I need to fix that asap! LA friends, help a girl out!

But, back to the show, these people on it are so talented. They turn dance into this amazingly beautiful art form. It's so smooth and fluid when these guys do it. I'm not fishing for compliments or anything when I say this, but damn, can I be that gifted at just one thing? Ugh! It's just not fair! I'll take anything...whistling, tap dancing, holding my breath, hair styling, cooking, etc.. You get the picture.. Hmmm, maybe, I haven't found my great talent yet.... What's yours? Dancing, perhaps?

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  1. I love to watch dancing too and of course shakin' my thang on the dance floor... Weddings and Vegas are great for that, but like you, I'm itching to have a good old fashioned GNO complete with dancing the night away.

    BTW, I smell a TV in your future.