Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RIP Old Phone

So, at some point during my time in Vegas this past weekend, my phone decided to stop working properly. Specifically, the touch screen isn't working. It's just a screen without the "touching" functionality. And there is absolutely no reason that I can think of why this happened to it.. Ok, so maybe I left it out in the hot sun for most of Saturday but I've done that before and nothing happened.. Or maybe some chlorine accidentally got on it... or maybe it smashed up against my compact in my clutch purse on Friday and Saturday nights... Who knows? All I know is that it's annoying that I can't pinpoint the exact culprit. I need something to blame!

Why oh why do these things happen to me? I feel like there is always something wrong with the technology in my life.. everything can never work fine... Sometimes, it's my computer, or my phone, my iPod, my car or even a dumb light switch in my room. Sure, I'm probably exaggerating but it certainly feels like there is always something. Does anyone else feel this way?

Well, thankfully, I have insurance on my phone so I was able to get a replacement phone mailed to me today. Yay! But, because I'm a dumb-ass, I failed to get the Backup Assistant for my phone (until now for the new replacement one) so I'm about to lose all my pictures and saved text messages!!! WAAAHHH! -That's me crying! Ugh! Fortunately, my sister has all the pictures that she has ever sent me of her son on her phone so I can always get those from her sometime but there are several others that only I took of her son and I and of course other pictures of my friends an I. And don't get me started on all the text messages!! I save any that I get that are cute or special to me.. I even have one from way back in April! Ok, this is depressing me so I need to end this post now. I guess this is what they call a life lesson; ALWAYS BACK UP BLOGGING FRIENDS!!!!

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  1. I feel like I'm constantly battling with the technology in my life too. It's very frustrating!! Hang in there... at least you were smart enough to get insurance.