Thursday, July 15, 2010

It happened on Facebook....

This week's Mama Kat's writing assignment that I chose was... "It happened on Facebook...write about a funny or awkward conversation you saw unfold on Facebook."

Oh Facebook.. I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with this popular networking website. A few of us are even shall we say 'obsessed' with it? We try not going on it as much and just stay away but it never really works out. Some of my friends have even gone on 'Facebook Fasts' for a few months. The silly thing is that they return with even more gusto for the site. Needless to say, Facebook Diets don't work. It's smarter just to go on it in moderation. Wow, Facebook is starting to sound like chocolate or something else bad for you here so I'll move on to my Facebook story.

I've seen several funny and interesting things unfold on people's walls on Facebook; Couples saying they are in relationships and then a week later decide that they aren't, people de-friending each other accidentally and on purpose, tagging each other in awful pictures (I've been guilty of this a time or two), announcements of pregnancy's and engagements and many others. Well one story that stands out in my head happened this past April. Two of my friends that were casually dating decided to play a little Facebook prank on all of their friends. At the time I should have realized that it just so happened to be April Fools Day!

Anyway, on that day, they both changed their status to "engaged". Absolutely everyone commented on that new change of relationship status! "Congrats", "Best Wishes", "OMG, I can't believe this!" and even a few "WTF, you've only been dating a few months!" Their engagement news spread like wildfire. I remember even talking to a few friends on the phone about the big news. No one could fathom this was true but it was 'Facebook official' so we had to trust it. Right?!

Well, no! We were all duped! At the very end of the day, the couple confessed that it was just an April Fools joke after all!! How could we all have believed that this relatively new couple were already planning on getting married so soon?! I don't know how but Facebook worked it's charms on us all once again.

What have you witnessed on Facebook?


  1. Ah, the status changes. How many times have I been fooled into thinking someone was pregnant or moving? Of course, if it's Facebook official, it's got to be true. I recently posted a virtual pic with a new hairstyle (it was horrendous, but fake - thankfully). The comments I received had me in tears with laughter. I highly recommend pranking people on FB... it's not good for your FB diet, but it's so worth it.

  2. Ah, I love it! A FB fan(atic) myself, I've never thought of the FB April Fools joke. Hmm...for next year, for sure!
    Popping in from Mama Kat's!
    And I can't remember...where is "facebook official" from?? That's gonna drive me nuts for the rest of the night!!

  3. "Facebook Official"...hmm, I'm not sure Wendy.. I think I might have just made it up... I'm not sure..

  4. Wait, if it's on Facebook, doesn't that mean it's true? :) I have been duped before by it too... Pregnancies, engagements, couples that were one minute and not the next. Oh, and I had someone throw some zingers my way when she released me from her life. What a trip!