Friday, July 30, 2010

LA Dodgers!

I went to my first Los Angeles Dodgers game last Friday night and I had a really good time. I would much rather see a live basketball game any day but I figured that I needed to check out the Dodgers. Ok, so I didn't actually see too much of the actual game. There was just too much else going on around me! The people sitting around us were completely obnoxious and having the strangest (drunken?) conversations. Plus, "the wave" was in full effect and I love a good audience participated wave. Then, of course my roommate Swati and I had to go to the bathroom, get a Dodger Dog and beers and that process took about three innings!! The lines for everything were ridiculously long but that's to be expected at a sporting event.

After the game, my friends and I walked over to the gift store and of course I had to buy my nephew, Lucas, something. After a few texts back and forth with his mom and dad, I decided on a cute little Dodger baseball cap. I've been here in San Diego with them for a few days this week so I was able to give him the hat. Isn't he such a cutie? Go Dodgers!

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  1. The stands are alws way more fun than the actual game. Lucas loves his csi and we are both glad you had fun. Dodger dogs rock!!!