Thursday, July 1, 2010

Put on a Happy Face!

This week I chose the following writing prompt from Mama Kat's workshop, What are 10 Things That Are Sure to Put a Smile on My Face When I'm Not Happy:

1. Brightly colored toenails- My mom always told me that whenever I'm feeling sad, I should paint each toenail a different color. I don't that anymore because I think it looks kinda silly but I do always have to have my toenails painted.

2. Waking up before my alarm clock- Then, seeing that I have a whole more hour left to sleep! No explanation necessary here, right?

3. Mail- I don't mean e-mail, I mean serious real handwritten letters in envelopes and everything! People just don't it enough nowadays... Friends, take a hint here! I think I'm still old fashioned in this sense.. I still send greeting cards, postcards and an occasional letter in the mail pretty often.

4. Dreams- When I dream about my mom and dad, I can't help but cheer up. I miss them very much and if I get to see them again, even if it's just a dream, I treasure those moments.

5. A Build a Bear Monkey- Yes, I know, I'm a big dork but these darn monkeys have a special significance in my family. Right T? : ) Below is a picture of Clementine (my mom's), Diego (my sister's) and Leo (mine).

6. Pictures- As you've probably been able to tell from this blog, I adore pictures. I have them up all over my room and I've put a bunch up around the house for my roommates to enjoy as well. I'm always taking pictures when I'm out with friends or family and I figure, why take them if you aren't going to admire them later? I also feel like I'm constantly missing people in my life so having pictures of them around makes them feel a little closer to me.

7. Mac & Cheese & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches- Again, I know I'm a big dork/big kid but these two are serious comfort food for me. No matter what is wrong, I always feel better after eating either of these. I don't have them very often at all though so they are really meant for those really dark days.

8. Butterflies- I'm not sure why exactly but I love butterflies. In fact, I love them so much, I got a butterfly tattoo on my right ankle on my 18th birthday. Yes, I know, it's a tad cliché but I love it so whatever! So, butterflies are a symbol of change, joy, and color. When they fly, it appears as dancing, and apparently, a reminder not to take things too seriously. They have a sense of lightness. The butterfly is also a powerful symbol for transformation.

9. Fireworks- Of course I rarely see them but whenever I do, I instantly feel as bright as the fireworks themselves. How could anyone not feel that way after watching an amazing firework show? Hopefully, I'll be somewhere cool to watch the fireworks this July 4th!

10. Musicians- I can't help but feel incredibly happy every time I see a musician do their thing up on a stage. Whether they are playing the guitar, the piano or just singing, it's such an amazing scene to witness.


  1. I love your list. My toes are always painted as well. Even in the winter when I always have socks on. How can you not love grilled cheese and mac and cheese. So good! And confession, I use to work at Build A Bear. Surprisingly out of all the animals I have, I do not have a monkey.

  2. Your list just made me happy! Build a bear monkeys...I want one!! Toenails, musicians, comfort foods, butterflies! Love it!

  3. Leah...hi! I'm a friend of Tonya's and I just saw that you did Mama Kat's meme this week! Yay! Nice to "meet" you (finally!) :)

    I love brightly painted toenails, too. And mail. I loooove getting the mail. I've even blogged about it before!

    I'm following you now - looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. I love #5 and almost included it on my list too. Even LMW loves Diego... it's like he knows how special he is. He also loves the monkey you got him. Great list!!

  5. The best really is waking up early and realizing there's at least an hour or more to sleep. Ah, sleep -- the sweet nectar of life.

  6. LOVE waking up before the alarm clock! It's so much nicer to not be jolted awake by the BEEP BEEP BEEP! Found you on 20SB and also saw your Lady Blogger badge, so I wanted to say hello!

  7. Mac and Cheese and Grilled Cheese are by far my two favorite meals in the world. People may say "wow, grow up" but I just think they don't know how amazing those two items can be!