Monday, June 28, 2010

Day in Orange County/Missing College Friends

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon in the Orange County area having brunch with my sister, Tonya, and some of her girlfriends. We met up to celebrate Tonya's birthday which was on Friday.

I love spending time with her and her sweet friends but I can't help but miss my group of girlfriends from college a lot when I'm with them. Sadly, we all live in different states spread out all over the US so it's very difficult to organize reunions with everyone.

Thankfully, most of us have attended Homecoming back at college. For the past few years I've really tried to make an effort to visit a lot of these girls and spend time with them in their homes. You are on my list if I have yet to come see you. : ) So, what do I miss the most? I miss just sitting with a group of girls that I care about and hearing all their different opinions about whatever we are talking about... from boys to politics. We cover it all! Each and every one of my girlfriends is different and have such unique ideas. We always joke that together we make the perfect women, physically and mentally.

So who is next to come visit me in LA? You are all welcome anytime!


  1. It was nice having you there.

    Honestly, I can't believe you are doing UA Homecoming again this year. You girls should pick a different place each year and meet there instead. That sounds like WAY more fun to me.

  2. I'm not going to Homecoming this year and I don't think many of us will this year.

  3. No matter how old you get, you never stop missing your friends who live far away....