Thursday, June 3, 2010

Running Post #4/Side Effects Thus Far

I have compiled the following list of observations I've made about myself since I've started running a lot more:
  1. My first ever blood blister on my foot!!! Aaahhh!! Any advice on how to handle this? Leave it alone, right?
  2. Incredibly sore/sprained calves-worst pain ever!
  3. Under-arm rash..don't ask, it's not pleasant but I'm learning what are the right shirts to wear when I run now.
  4. Scar on my pelvic bone where my iPod has been hitting it! Sheeesh!
  5. General pain all over legs now whenever I kneel/squat/basically any sitting at all.
  6. Overwhelming appetite/thirst after running!
  7. Slight sunburn from running outside since I sweat off all the sunscreen.
  8. Overspending on running music.. Hey, I need good music to run to.
  9. Feeling absolutely exhausted after my long-run days.
  10. Slowly but surely beginning to love running! : )
Despite all the pain and uncomfortableness I feel, I'll continue truckin' along because I know that I'm doing all of this for an amazing cause, to fight AIDS.
That's my motivation.


  1. Leah,

    Glad you are enjoying LA. Most places have a negative so I am glad you are able to handle the traffic. Our niece was going to school at UCLA some years ago. We let her drive when we visited as CA drivers are much more aggressive than Arizona drivers. I am sure the weather is great!

    We do miss seeing you as we pass through Phoenix.

    Enjoy and take care. Nell

  2. One more thing to look forward to with running is damaging a toenail from impact on the front of your shoe, having aforementioned toenail turn black, and then falling off. It's awesome! ;)


  3. There is a lot more in store, little sister. Hang in there though. I am very proud of you!