Wednesday, June 2, 2010

While She Is Sleeping

Pretty soon after I moved here to LA, I started babysitting Miss. Hannah. She is by far the easiest child that I've ever sat for. By the time I get over to her house, she is sound asleep already and remains asleep the entire time I am at her house. For all she knows, her mom and dad are at home too. We've only actually met once a couple months ago when I happened to come over a little earlier than usual and she was getting ready for bed.

I don't even go to her room when I'm over, I simply periodically check her out on the baby monitor to make sure she is still happily sleeping. Above is a picture of her from the monitor. Isn't she super cute sleeping with her arms crossed behind her head?! While I babysit her, I watch TV and movies, read a lot, chat with friends online and of course my favorite, blogging! Sometimes, I even do a combination of all these things.

I've always really enjoyed babysitting, more so when I actually get to play with the kids. What can I say, I love kids! Perhaps this is because I'm just a big kid at heart and I get along well with them so well. Being with my nephew Lucas makes me realize just how much I enjoy the company of children. While I know that I am nowhere near ready to have my own family, I am definitely excited about my (distant) future as a mom.

For now I will continue to babysit Miss. Hannah and possibly others and hope for an afternoon job so i can actually hang out with her. : )


  1. Miss Hannah is so cute sleeping like that! I wish you lived in Orange County, I'd let you babysit my kids AND play with Mattias...he will wear you out! ;)

  2. There is nothing like a sleeping baby and they are the easiest to babysit, although playing with them is a lot of fun too.